yeah... so storage...

it was 6 C ( 43 F), a perfect day to get out and clean Selene up to get her ready. the plan was to clean, head down to the storage area, leave the car and both of us would take one last ride. this would give joey a relatively "warm" ride and give me a chance to test out the new leather over pants i got for xmas.

it was windy, really windy. i ended up cleaning Selene while tucked underneath the veranda. not the first time i've done that, but it is a bit cramped. i knew i couldn't get everything cleaned up today, but once she was in storage i could work away at my leisure without worries of weather getting in my way.

once i was finished up, joey grabbed her gear and i pulled out some old flannel sheets for Selene to snuggle into while she was in storage.

the first stop was gas. i was already on reserve and i would still need more for friday. i have a maintenance appointment for friday, weather permitting. i get wide eyes and smiles whenever i tell the guys at the Harley shop that i'm still riding.

from the gas station it was a short hop to the storage place. i figured we would park the car behind the gates and then joey could gear up. well, that was not meant to be. i pulled up to the code box and punched in the numbers. a little green light flashed telling me to try i tried again. *flash flash* and again... *flash flash* after about the sixth time i swearing i could hear that little green light laughing at me. there was no way that gate was going to open. joey checked the sheet that listed our code and it was identical to what i was punching in. by this time i was fuming and i really hoped there was a hammer in the trunk of the car to assist me in my final try.

with the code not working and the main office closed, we resolved to go home. there was a whole lot of cursing going on under my face mask on the ride back. i was not a happy biker. what really irked me is the fact that they tested the code and said it worked.

with my swearing done and most of my ire revved out on the way home, we decided to go for a ride anyway. no sense in loosing a good day to ride.

it was rather chilly, but for the most part you could ignore it. the sun was out so whenever we made a stop it was easy enough to warm up. sticking my gloved hands on the engine also helped out.

it was nice, but i really would have liked to get Selene into her new home.

well, wish me some weather luck for friday. as it stands, it's the only day i have coming up that will give me a chance to get out again.


Biker Betty said...

Too bad about the code, but glad you were able to get out and ride. Good luck with Friday's weather. We are suppose to get another snow storm Thursday.

Lucky said...


Hope Selene enjoyed stretching her legs as much as the Silver Streak did!

Man, was that weather ever odd... 13 degrees in January - guess there's something to be said for global warming! However, it seems we'll be paying for it today: mix of snow, sleet, rain, blah, blah, blah.

Enough fun, back to hibernating.


Giest said...

biker betty: yeah, i was rather irked about the code. turns out i also had to input the storage shed number. would have been nice to know that. i hope you don't get anymore snow. i'm sending warm and dry thoughts your way.

lucky: glad to hear you got out as well! it was indeed a wonderful day. so far i'm really liking this winter...well, except for this morning when i looked out at all the white stuff. *sigh* might have some luck later in the week though.