Time to move on?

My desire has been kindled and my research has been done.  Now I'm looking for qualified opinions.

Ducati Monster 1100

Remember a while back when I said I fell in love with the Ducati Monster?  Well, Ducati is now officially teasing me.  Now there's this:

I do believe I need to get rich...soon...

Crap weekend

The last thing you want this close to the end of the season is a crappy weekend.  But that's exactly what happened.  I don't get many weekends off, so when they happen I like to enjoy them.  You know, get out on the bike, get some distance logged.  Our club has weekend rides as well, so it's nice to get out with everyone when I have the time off.

But hurricane Kyle had different plans for the weekend...actually for my full three days off.  I got to ride home from work, but after that all I could do was sit around the house.

Here's hoping we have a late winter...

Ah, cool air

I have to say, there is something about these cool mornings that I thoroughly enjoy.  Getting geared up and heading out that garage door into the crisp fall air.  The sky is a cool azure blue as the sun shines down, barely keeping you warm.  It's a balmy 4C (39F) and I'm already getting odd looks from cagers as they take their four wheeled heater to work.  I will always say that I hate the fall because it's the harbinger of white doom, but these crisp mornings are something to look forward to and a wonderful pick me up for the many hours I put in front of a desk.

What say you, fellow riders?

Shut it!

A little advice:

If a person is sitting next to their bike cleaning it up and making it sparkle, do not come up and say, "I guess you'll have to put it away soon." You will likely get a dirty look or a punch.

Seriously...really getting tired of people telling me this. There are better ways of starting conversations with a biker. That's kind of like going up to a married man and saying, "I guess you kind of settled there." Or a woman who just got a hair cut and saying, "I guess you won't get that style done again." Basically, you are starting off on the wrong foot.

Besides...you are talking to a guy who won't stop riding until the snow starts falling. Now shut it...I'm going for a ride...