Long days

I keep trying to drag out these summer days, but it's not quite working out for me.  I need more vacation time...

I hit the road a couple of days back to deliver some newly recovered photos of my cousin's son's birthday party.  Three months is a little long for them to wait to get the photos, but they were quite happy and surprised to get them.  I logged over 200 Km on a day that started off scorching hot, but slowly turned in to a hell of a lightning storm.  It was a beautiful ride down to Oromocto and it was still a gorgeous day once the black clouds started rolling in.  I got sprinkled on a bit, but managed to ride out of it and never saw water again until later that night during the storm.  I stuffed my camera in the saddle bag, but as usual I never stopped for any photos.  I love snapping pictures, but I hate interrupting my ride.  Once I'm moving I just don't want to stop.  Hell, even pulling into the parking lot after a days ride is tough to do.

In other news, me and Joey celebrated our 7th anniversary this week.  Wow...7 years.  Where does the time go.  Most times I wonder how she even puts up with me.  :)

Test mobile post

Photos and Such

So it took me a little longer then expected to restore my photo library.  I also found out that I didn’t recover every lost photo.  I’ve permanently lost quite a few good memories, but still have about 95% of my photos safe and sound.

That was my Canada Day photo, but I couldn’t post it until I restored my photo library.  So happy belated Canada Day.

Here are some shots from the Atlanticade Rally held in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.




The rally was alright, mostly boring really.  Lots of walking and lots of heat.  The ride there and back was the best and certainly the highlight of the day.


Hell of a weekend

The third annual Atlanticade Motorcycle Rally was held this weekend.  Well, June 30th to July 4th anyway.  Held in beautiful St. Andrews, New Brunswick.  We got our group together and made a day of it.  Lots of things going on at the rally, but in general very boring.  Lots of walking, lots of sun…blah blah.  It was great to be with friends to enjoy the day, but the ride down and the ride back was definitely the highlight.  Logged around 230 Km and rolled Selene over the 40, 000 Km mark.

I’ll post a few pics in a couple of days.  It’s taken me just over three months to recover my photos from a dropped hard drive.  I thought I had lost 70GB worth of photos, but with time and a lot of patience I have them all back, safe and secure.  For a techie, I’m an idiot when it comes to backing things up.