Hell of a weekend

The third annual Atlanticade Motorcycle Rally was held this weekend.  Well, June 30th to July 4th anyway.  Held in beautiful St. Andrews, New Brunswick.  We got our group together and made a day of it.  Lots of things going on at the rally, but in general very boring.  Lots of walking, lots of sun…blah blah.  It was great to be with friends to enjoy the day, but the ride down and the ride back was definitely the highlight.  Logged around 230 Km and rolled Selene over the 40, 000 Km mark.

I’ll post a few pics in a couple of days.  It’s taken me just over three months to recover my photos from a dropped hard drive.  I thought I had lost 70GB worth of photos, but with time and a lot of patience I have them all back, safe and secure.  For a techie, I’m an idiot when it comes to backing things up.