False alarm...sorta...

We just had three days of rain and relatively warm temperatures, so all the white stuff is gone...for now.

I know that I'm living on borrowed time.  Taking a look at the weather map for North America shows more blobs of blue (snow) then blobs of green (rain).  Yeah, I know, not very technical.  I'll do what I can and push as far as possible.  If I can ride on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, I'll be happy.

Oh, and I'd like to get one shot of me riding in the snow ;)

I may be done.

Well, the white stuff finally hit, no bones about it.  It started snowing on Friday night and continued well into Saturday.  Our temperatures have been anywhere from -5C to -15C (23F to 5F) so it hasn't gone anywhere.  It's been cold and white all weekend and not exactly biking weather.

My only saving grace may be the next couple of days.  It's supposed to warm up to 4C (39F) tomorrow and 10C (50F) the next day plus rain.  I can only hope this comes to pass as it will wipe out the snow we already have.  It's way too early to give up riding yet.  I would love to be riding on Xmas day.

Safe and sound

Still clear skies, but quite chilly out.  I don't think the snow will hold back long enough for me to ride in tomorrow.  I'll take Lucky's advice. ;)


There is a damn good chance I may have stranded myself at work today.  The fore cast has suddenly changed on me and the snow that is supposed to start tomorrow morning has decided to try and arrive tonight.

Well, I guess "I" wouldn't stranded...rather Selene...in a parking garage all by herself.  I would rather that then both of us in ditch somewhere...I suppose.  Just not keen on leaving her 15 minutes away from me.

It's currently -2C (28.4F) and clear.  With 45 minutes left of my shift, i'm kind of crossing my fingers.  I can handle the cold...just not the ice.