Busy and Fast

That pretty much describes this summer.  Lots of things going on and not really enough time for myself or the things I want to do.  Well...the other things I want to do...aside from biking and being involved in bike related things.

The weather hasn't been the best on the east coast.  There's been plenty of fog and more then enough rain.  It's actually on record as the wettest summer for our area.  But the nice days we've had have been really nice.  I can't remember a summer where I've been able to ride with just a shirt on this much.  Yes, just a shirt.  I know...ATGATT.  I accept the risk and I won't bitch about it if I ever hit the pavement with just a t-shirt on.

Things are good on the home front though.  I'm very much back to how I used to be before the surgery and the only real reminders are the numb area and the scar itself.  Financially, though, we're screwed...LOL.  But hey, not the first time we've been there.  My wife was talking to a financial planner (that was pleasantly forced on us by a credit card company) and the planner was going through everything that we are paying out.  One of the things she asked was, "Can your husband go without the motorcycle?"  My wife broke out laughing.  The conversation soon ended.

The club has been keeping me very busy.  It's amazing how many motorcycle events I've discovered around here.  There aren't too many weekends that are devoid of things to do.  There's always a group that has some ride planned or some event going on.  As a matter of fact, we have our own east coast rally August 21-23.  We have a big group of riders going and we all have cabins rented in the same area.  It's should to be a blast...can't wait.

We are also creating a calendar to help fund the club so we can start our own charity events.  All the bike photos are member bikes taken by our resident club photographer (not me).  It's skipping along rather nicely and it'll be great to have a calendar hanging on the wall with my own bike in it.  We should have them printing off within a week or two.  Aside from all that we have two bike shows to be in before the summer is done.  Ugh, before I know it I'll be complaining that it's time to put the bike away.  I really don't want summer to end...

Oh, one last thing.  I had my daughter on the bike a while back (she's 13 already?!).  She was a natural!  I barely even knew she was there.  The fact that she sat back there and didn't even have to hold on to me blew my mind.  That's my girl!