What a weekend

Saturday morning was an early rise to get over to the west side for the biker blessing. I didn't really want to get Selene blessed, but they had specific parking so she was kind of in the line of fire anyway. They served breakfast, which was fantastic and the blessing prayer that was used was filled with biker slang. Quite entertaining.

After that it was a quick run out to Quispamsis to meet up with a couple of guys from my riding group. We had a coffee at the local Tim Hortons and debated about actually making a run. The sky looked like rain, but the forecast gave it a pretty low chance. We said the heck with it and decided to ride anyway.

Surprisingly enough, it didn't start raining really hard until we were hiding out in the leather shop in Sussex. We browsed and browsed watching the rain come down in buckets. It's a good thing the owners of the shop didn't mind the company.

Once the rain held up we rode out of town and made our way to Hampton for a final coffee break.

Sunday's weather was a heck of a lot better. There was no way I was hanging around the house with all that sunshine. Me and Selene took a nice solo run up through Hampton for a coffee (the new Tims there is becoming a regular biker hang out). While there I saw one of the new Kawasaki Concours which is one beautiful bike. After a short tour around Saint John's water front I headed for home.

I got lots of riding in and even got to know a couple of my chapter's members better. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

Suprisingly enough

I only got out with Selene once in the last two weeks. I've been sick as a dog and even leaving the house was a stretch. There has been one nasty flu going around here (two versions of it, actually) and it floored me. From fever to cough to loosing my voice for over a week, the last thing on my mind was riding.

Thankfully, I seem to be mostly out of the woods and I seem to have full volume back again. The cough is lingering, but it's more annoying then anything else.

Two days ago I finally got out on Selene and it was good. Both me and Joey were just puttering around town and enjoying the ride. We even stopped at one of the local dealerships to see the offerings.

So, apologies for not writing anything about riding. With how sick I was even surfing the internet seemed to be an overbearing chore.