feeling detatched.

it happens every now and then. i woke up this morning with an odd feeling that none of this is real...that i just don't belong here. it's times like this that i crave attention just so that i can know i still exist. all i want is for someone to touch me, bump into me, talk to me. it's not often that i want any attention in the morning, i don't even want to be spoken to...it's quite a reversal for me to need attention like that. it's foggy today...ridiculously foggy. the whole city draped in a dense curtain. very surreal...like it's here, but it isn't. didn't really help the feeling at all. so i hugged my wife, for no particular reason at all except to know that i was still here...that it was all real. we held hands in silence for the drive in to work. and for the first time in months...we kissed before i stepped into work...

the hospital.

With a sister 02
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here she is, parked next to a sister. A white Shadow Spirit.

i was at the hospital visiting my dad, who is doing great. he had his surgery Friday morning and things went off without a hitch. as of now, he is able to get out of bed and walk around without too much trouble. he's going rather stir crazy though, not a hell of a lot to be doing in there...other then just lie there.

so here i am.

back for another round of this blog thing. took a little break there to clear my head a bit and find a new look for the blog itself.

things have been...bearable and things have changed. a relationship desolved and there is renewed hope for one that i thought was lost. my father hasn't gone in for his surgery yet, but will in the next week. i have a new bike, in case you haven't noticed. it's my new found freedom and is giving me a reason to be out of the house more often. there is going to be a move, but it will be me and my wife. a bigger place closer to town in a nice quiet area. a new trip is planned for around the middle of summer. going to take the bike for a nice long ride and see some sights. i've never done it before, so it should be a lot of fun. i've all but quit my online game...just isn't as much fun as it used to be. i'm finding that i don't miss it at all. so much for addiction...hehe.

i set up a flickr account as well, so i can post pictures. should be great for when i hit the road. i'll be able to upload lots of pictures. it's a nice upgrade to using my personal server which was more then a little slow. i can use it for other pictures as well. right now, it's for my bike...hehe.

that's about it for now, just had to put a few random thoughts down to keep things updated.

flickr test.

After cleaning 2
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just a test post to make sure flckr can access my blog. this is a misc pic of the left side on one of the few nice days we have had. decided i would clean her up.

bear with me.

making some changes to the blog, so it's going to be a little messy. should be fine in a couple of days. oh, and the big day was awesome. more details to come...when the page is more in order...hehe.