Happy Holidays!

I hope all my fellow two wheeled brothers and sisters are having a great holiday!

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season to all of you and all of yours. Remember, Christmas is all about spending time with family...and getting shiny things for your bike!

And done.

Well, New Brunswick has been nailed by a couple of rather "fun" snow storms and the regular temperatures are all below freezing.  That means that this white stuff isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Selene is now all tucked away in the garage waiting for me to do the usual storage routine.  She's already cleaned and waxed so all I need to do is change the oil and filter.  After that, all I can do is go visit.

Here's to a short winter...

Still going strong

It's December the 6th and I'm still riding.  As a matter of fact, I rode into work today in my coldest temperature yet: -11C (12F).  Any colder then that and I won't be able to handle it without some added protection for my hands.  My body stays at a fine temperature for the ride in and could easily take a ride of an hour or so, but in the 15 minutes that it takes to get to work my hands are practically numb.  I'm not complaining or anything, I know I'm bringing this on myself...willingly...hehe.

The coming week looks a bit iffy.  There is a rather large cold front just south of the Great Lakes which is carrying a lot of snow with it.

Every other day next week is slated to have either rain or snow or a mix of both.  Here's hoping that it stays mild here.

I haven't had too many days where I can just get out for a ride.  It's either windy or just plain cold.  I did manage to get out for some holiday shopping, but that kind of turned sour.  Once I got out I realized that my list was still at the apartment.  No problem, just another excuse to be out longer on bike.  Well, once I turned the key in the outer security door things changed a bit.  The key snapped off in the lock.  Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but my cell phone was also in the apartment so I couldn't call maintenance to let me in either.  Add to that the fact that the apartment offices had just closed.

I ended up having to go all the way across town to get Joey's keys so I could get back in the apartment and call maintenance.  When all was said and done, it was dark out and I had no desire to do any shopping.  With a hot coffee, I retired to my computer to let the rest of the day dwindle away.

Stay safe and warm out there, bothers and sisters.

Maritime fall

What is with the fall season in the Maritimes?  Or is it just Saint John?  You get a nice day and the winds are crazy.  The last few days I've been blown all parts of the road.  I suppose I can't complain too much...I'm still riding at least.