4 reasons I hate 4 wheels...

1. Extreme loss of maneuverability.

There are times (and they are many) that I know I could handle the current traffic situation much better if I was on two wheels. The ability to process incoming visual information and transfer it to moving the bike seems to work at a much faster rate while on two wheels. I'm sure that comes from the fact that one is "more aware" when riding a motorcycle.

2. Feeling of being caged in.

The "cager" name obviously comes from somewhere and you feel it when driving a car. There is too much temptation when driving to be lulled into a "I'm the only one here" frame of mind and there are too many things to distract you from what you really need to be doing. I miss the lack of feedback from the world while being sealed up in a car.

3. Rage demon rears it's head too much.

Have you ever seen the Disney cartoon with Goofy called "Motor Mania"? It came out in 1950 and is classic Goofy. It's also exactly how I see practically anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car. It's like a Jekyll and Hyde transformation and all it takes is one little thing to set someone off. It happens with me as well and I don't like it. I have taken chances that have brought me way too close to an expensive meeting of metal. On bike, I'm calm and much more centered. I may glare at people who act like I'm not there, but my chances of freaking out are slim to none.

4. Lack of visibility

In my mind, motorcycles give you 360 degree vision. At a point in time I can see anything around me with a quick glance. Nothing of my vehicle gets in my way. In a car, the car actually gets in the way of being able to see. There are just way too many blind spots when compared to a bike and when you have passengers...well, stationary blind spots are bad enough...ones that move around and babble are worse.

Actually, hate is a little strong. I really do enjoy driving the car, but as we all know it doesn't even compare to riding bike

Hanging up the keys

Well, I think I'm done. We have had snow for the last few days and all temperatures have been well below zero.

It kills me to say that my riding season is over, but Mother Nature has the upper hand here and she is playing all her cards. It's damn cold, there is a good foot of snow and a wacky amount of ice. I'm still holding out for a few nice days, but it looks like winter is here to stay.

Currently, Selene is under the veranda covered up with the battery removed. Snow has touched her twice this year due to unexpected storms and the other day I had to shovel out snow that was around her. The only problem is that I can't afford storage yet. With Xmas only a heart beat away, we just don't have the money. The only chance I have is an offer from the superintendant of our building. He mentioned the possibility of storing her in the garage of building one (we are in building two). But that was months ago and I haven't been able to talk with him since. I hope that pans out...it will save us a ton of money and it will keep Selene very close by.

Have I mentioned that I hate winter?