It's about time

So...I'm at work and Selene is downstairs in the garage! It was a cool ride in, but oh so worth it. Not only that, but I was out for a full on ride yesterday. There was no way I was letting 11 C (51.8 F) weather go by without hitting the road on two wheels.

So...yeah, it's about damn time.

Mother Nature...

Hates me. Or at least She hates the Maritimes. Come to think of it...I think She hates damn near everyone right now. The weather has been pretty crappy all over.

It's actually been warm enough to put the battery in and putter around in the garage, but it's useless to go for a ride. Between the snow, ice, cold temperatures and dirt on the roads it's better to keep Selene safe and sound in storage.

I just hope it's all over soon. I'm getting a little tired of twisting the non-existent throttle on the car's steering wheel...