I have discovered...

That I really don't like my days/life being planned.  Being on LoA from work really brought a sense of zen to my days.  Waking up with no reason to rush gave me a chance to savour the day and do what I wanted to do.  Dare I say that my LoA was a holiday in the true sense of the word.  Let me explain...

This "holiday" started out with surgery, which put me out for a couple of weeks.  No heavy lifting, no running or jumping about, no real expectations.  After the first week I had a fair amount of mobility back, but I still couldn't do anything strenuous nor was anything expected of me.  The month of July was probably the most relaxing and stress free month I've had in a long time.  Isn't that what a holiday should be?  Do what you want for the time you have with no deadlines or real expectations.

Once I was able to ride again, I was in heaven.  Wake up in the morning, have a bite to eat while surfing the web for bit, check the weather and go for a short ride.  I know...hard life, eh?  Mind you, I didn't turn into a lump that just laid in bed all day.  I still got things done around the house, but usually got scolded for it.

The only true downfall is that LoA means no income.  So we are pretty hard pressed right now while we wait for UI and benefits to come in and cover the time I missed.

Personally, I think that anyone who owns a motorcycle should have the whole summer off.  Yeah, that would do just fine...

Happy Canada Day!


Figured I’d get this up before the day completely dwindled away on me.  It’s nice that I was able to get out for a ride today and it’s only fitting that it’s my last day of my leave of absence from work.  Back to the grind tomorrow, I guess.

It was a fun ride with a couple of guys from the club.  I got a little patriotic and zip tied a flag to bike.  That combined with the flag patches and Canadian themed club symbol you could say we were a little decked out for our country’s birthday.

I’ve taken a bit of a break from the blog while I was on LOA.  There are reasons for that, but I won’t be getting into them here.  I’m all healed up from the surgery and things went fine.  I just ended up being off a little longer then expected.  Can’t say it wasn’t a nice “vacation”. :)