It's about time

So...I'm at work and Selene is downstairs in the garage! It was a cool ride in, but oh so worth it. Not only that, but I was out for a full on ride yesterday. There was no way I was letting 11 C (51.8 F) weather go by without hitting the road on two wheels.

So...yeah, it's about damn time.


Dean "D-Day" said...

Yeah, I hear ya. This winter was way too long with way too much snow. Glad to be back on the road.

Mrs Road Captain said...

It's a little warmer here in Delaware. But we've still had our ups & downs. One morning I was scraping frost off my windshield and the next afternoon it almost hit 80 degrees! So we've started having some great riding weather in the past couple of weeks. One day it's good for a tank top and denim jacket, and the next we're bundled up in 15 layers with rain gear too! I can't wait for it to get more consistent.

In the mean time, plans for several big trips are coming together. And the time is rapidly approaching. I am psyched! :-)

Countersteer said...

You must be doing some riding, how about some writing?