Hanging up the keys

Well, I think I'm done. We have had snow for the last few days and all temperatures have been well below zero.

It kills me to say that my riding season is over, but Mother Nature has the upper hand here and she is playing all her cards. It's damn cold, there is a good foot of snow and a wacky amount of ice. I'm still holding out for a few nice days, but it looks like winter is here to stay.

Currently, Selene is under the veranda covered up with the battery removed. Snow has touched her twice this year due to unexpected storms and the other day I had to shovel out snow that was around her. The only problem is that I can't afford storage yet. With Xmas only a heart beat away, we just don't have the money. The only chance I have is an offer from the superintendant of our building. He mentioned the possibility of storing her in the garage of building one (we are in building two). But that was months ago and I haven't been able to talk with him since. I hope that pans out...it will save us a ton of money and it will keep Selene very close by.

Have I mentioned that I hate winter?


Micah said...

I used to love Winter, but I got a new bike this year. I've been putting off covering her up, but finally bit the bullet.

Can't wait for Spring!

Unknown said...

I am with you! I hate winter as well.

Kathleen Jennette said...

Luckily where I live Winter is not so bad, so I have never experienced putting the bike away for Winter. Hope you can get your storage worked out.

Allen Madding said...

I feel your pain man, but you got me beat by miles. I haven't endured riding in 6F weather, and hope I don't!

Merry Christmas!

Steve Williams said...

That's too cold for me. I park the scooter at around 5 degrees. For whatever reason the past two winters have been mild and I have been able to ride almost continually. Already this year I have had to bench the Vespa a few times because of ice.

Winter is easy to hate. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Biker Betty said...

While my winter isn't as warm as KT's, I can still get out some - when the lack of snow permits. I can feel your pain and wish for an early spring for you.

Happy New Year,
Betty :)