A driver in her early 20s faces two charges of criminal negligence causing death after she came to a complete stop on a highway to allow a family of ducks to cross, causing a collision that killed a teenaged girl and her father.

Andre Roy, 50, and his 16-year-old daughter, Jessy, were riding a motorcycle on Highway 30 in Candiac when they slammed into the car stopped on the road ahead of them.

Roy was pronounced dead at the scene, while his daughter later died in hospital.

The teen's mother, who had been driving a second motorcycle, also collided with the vehicle and suffered serious injuries.

She remains in hospital in serious condition.

Surete du Quebec Sgt. Ronald McKinnis said the young woman who stopped on the highway actually got out of her car to help the ducks.

Stopping a vehicle on a highway is prohibited in the province of Quebec.




Anonymous said...

I agree with the stupidity of and prohibition of stopping on the highway, and I feel bad that anyone was hurt/killed, but at what point do vehicle operators cease to be responsible for watching the roadway and vehicles ahead of them. For anyone to have "slammed into" a stopped car, they need to have failed to see it. We motorcyclists often complain that cagers claim "I never saw the motorcycle." While I don't know the particulars of the roadway leading to the point of impact, this would appear to be another symptom of the same lack of situational awareness.