all geared up

it was certainly a beautiful (if not chilly) day to ride.

this shot was taken at fort howe in saint john, new brunswick. as you can see, i'm fully geared for the ride. i'm even sporting my new (for xmas) leather over pants. wow, what a difference they made. my hands were numb, but my legs were all toasty warm.

All geared up

here is a shot of the monument at the top of the hill. fort howe overlooks all of saint john. you can get quite a view up there.

Fort Howe

and finally, one last shot of Selene in all her glory.

Bright sky

stay safe and warm out there.


Biker Betty said...

Awesome leather gear. That last photo of Selene is very sharp. Glad you could get out some.

Vinod said...

WOW, you are still riding in the middle of winter! You know, its been a very mild, albeit wet winter here in Ohio so far. I haven't ridden since I put the bike away in mid december. The new leathers look sharp!

Giest said...

biker betty: thanks betty! it's great to be still riding.

vinod: yup! i've been called crazy and hardcore, all by the people that work at the shop where i purchased Selene.