it's january the fourth and i was able to ride my bike to work. this morning i uncovered Selene and got her ready while the thermometer read a cool 0 C (32 F). the unfortunate thing about it is i work for 12 hours and it's currently 8 C (46 F) out. i'd kill to go out for a ride, but a half hour just won't cut it. besides...i do get hungry.

on the plus side...this weekend promises to hit the double digit temperatures! i may actually be able to get out for an extended ride! i can't wait! i'll probably use the time to clean her up and get her ready for storage though. so far we've had a non-winter, but i don't want to push it. i could wake up some morning and find Selene buried under four feet of snow.


Biker Betty said...

Glad you're able to ride somewhere. It's snowing again here *sigh.* The local forecaster got me excited by saying it's warming up and no snow in the near future. Well, their near future and mine are different. Seems we are to expect some sort of snow next Thursday. It's far enough out that it could turn out to be nothing. Cross your fingers.