and it's done

it finally happened. it's officially too cold for me to ride. there's something about -10 to -25 degree (14 to -13 F) weather that makes it really hard to mount up and be comfortable. Selene spent the better part of a week at the shop because two days after i dropped her off the weather took a turn. we don't have a lot of snow, but the cold weather is making it stick around.

i have to hand it to Eldridge's Harley-Davidson, though. they were nice enough to deliver Selene right to the storage place at no charge to me. here is a shot of the truck pulling in.


once we rolled her inside, i started her up for one last ride. it was quite a treat to navigate the hallways between storage units and i had several tight turns to negotiate.

finally she was backed into her new home and here is joey actually tucking Selene in. who says your wife and your mistress can't get along. ;)

Tuck in

all that took place on thursday the 18th and i hated to leave her there. the only solace i can take is that it's only a couple of months and i'll have her on the road again.

in the meantime i've got things to do with her. sunday i spent several hours cleaning her up, but only got about a quarter of the way through my list. i still have a lot of cleaning and polishing to do along with the removal of her wheels. i can't do that without my jack though and that will require a trip to my parents house where the jack is stored.

sunday was very relaxing. i took a coffee with me, my mp3 player and something to snack on. that day i picked up a folding stool so i didn't have to stand over the bike all the time. i had the entire place to myself while listening to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

as a list to myself, this is what i have done so far:

  • waxed the tank and fenders
  • checked the air filter (and almost lost the screw)
  • removed the backrest for cleaning
  • cleaned the tail light (dusty inside)
  • cleaned under the seat
  • polished the mufflers
  • polished the rear fender rails

i still have a long way to go and one big part of that is cleaning the aluminum rims...they are a real mess. the job should be much easier once the wheels are actually off though.

so right now it's all maintenance, watching biker buildoff and american chopper. please let winter be over soon...


Beaker said...

Oh mate - I would hate to have to place the X in storage and not be able to ride it! At least you can get her looking shmicko for when you ride her next.

Your weather looks very, very cold - did I see -17C?? Brrr, that is so cold (not that I have ever experienced a temperature that low).

Allen Madding said...

Here's hoping we get another season of "Build or Bust". I've got the TiVo set up for Biker Build-off, V-twin Magazine, and Build ot Bust :)

Giest said...

beaker: yeah, i hate putting her away, feels like i'm losing a friend. oh...yeah, it's damn cold up here. *shiver*

allen: looks like you get a couple of shows that i don't. i haven't seen v-twin magazine or build or bust. damn.

Biker Betty said...

I totally understand your misery. Shhhh .... don't let my bike know you have yours where it's heated. My poor bike has been shivering in the garage for a month now.

Giest said...

betty: oops! hope i wasn't too loud. i know what it's like to deal with a jealous bike. ;)

Vinod said...

so how many miles was it this season?

Hang in there, warm weather is just a few weeks away!

Giest said...

i logged a wonderful 13,600 km (8, 450 M) on that wonderful machine. only picked her up in march of 2006 too, brand new. :)