if i can't store her away, you can be darn well sure i'm going to ride. yesterdays snow melted (due to heavy afternoon rains) and this morning the roads were pretty much dry...well, aside from the ice. ice can be considered dry...right? it was 2 C (35 F) this morning with 33 km/h (20.5 mph) winds...it took me a little longer then usual to decide to ride. i finally opened the veranda doors to see just how chilly it would be. seconds later...i was gearing up.

the only problem with riding today was the wind. it seemed to be a perfect day for transport trucks to transform into massive wind monsters. everytime one passed, i was hit with a wall of wind. it usually doesn't bother me, but during this part of the season the wind is mixed with rather copius amounts of dirt. thankfully i was fully covered.

it's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow morning, so i'm guessing it'll be another few days before i can ride again. i can't complain, this winter has been treating me really well. i'm just hoping for clear skies and roads for friday.


Allen Madding said...

Ride on my brother! Like the new leathers.

Ride Safe!

Biker Betty said...

I am very glad you are still able to ride. I love reading about it. Even as I type this yet another snow front has started to fall, sigh :(

Looks like not much riding this winter. Now we have huge potholes in the roads of my fair city, yikes!!

Vinod said...

Ok, now you've inspired me to stop whining about winter, get the bike out of storage and ride. And you know whats going to happen? I'll put the battery in, put some fresh gas in, roll the bike out of the garage- and its gonna snow. :-)

Giest said...

allen madding: thanks allen!

biker betty: your snow pictures remind me of my home town. i'm used to seven foot snow banks and winter for eight months of the year.

vinod: glad to be of inspiration. just don't blame me if it does snow...hehe.