i'm going insane.

Selene and a lighthouse
Originally uploaded by giest.
it's been over a week now since i've been able to ride. we just got out of one weather pattern, that poured on us for three straight days, only to have another appear right over top of us. this is going to last another week. i'm not sure i can handle it. anyone in a warmer climate got a room to spare? cause i certainly have the vacation time. the only plus to all this is the fact that our new apartment has a veranda that Selene fits under. no rain gets on her now. still, it kills me to come home and not be able to ride and really enjoy it.

in lieu of all this, i present a nice picture of a sunny day that we had.


Biker Betty said...

Bummer about the weather. Hope it dries up soon. We could use some of that rain here. Send it our way!!

Macrobe said...

Aye, we can use it in Texas, too.
Like for any of the other ActualRiders, my place is a waystation on anyone's travels. Stephen and Tamara loved my grilled steak, so I guess the food is okay here, too :)

Giest said...

as soon as i figure out how to UPS rain clouds, you two are getting mail. ;) i'm sure i'd love that grilled steak too...yum. i'm still trying to work out a way to afford coming down there. :)