i'm embarrased.

i found an interesting article by a Canadian (i refuse to call him fellow) at motorcyclebloggers and biker betty's place. here is the whole article, give it a read. keep one thing in mind though...this guy seems to revel in this kind of thing. stirring up shit and generally going against things that he doesn't like. here is a rebuttle article, by another writer for that paper a Geoff Matthews, who is also friends with Earl Mcrae.

i truely laugh at the "freedom-fetish" comment. i really don't think he could have said something that was more stupid. i also have to laugh at the last part of the article where they say:

I feel visors should be mandatory in the form of legislation.


Biker Betty said...

Don't be embarrased. I took all the comments that McRae said as "his" comments and not those of the general Canadian public. After reading his article my husband said he probably writes like this all the time to stir people up and bring the paper ratings up, lol. Seems he hit it on the nose. I do like Canadian's, after all I married one, lol.

I do like the rebuttal written by Geoff Matthews. He did a great job. Thanks for the link on that.

Macrobe said...

I posted this to our AR forum, suggesting some take the initiative and rebutt it. It doesn't matter if McRae writes hyperbole or not: such columns *do* influence the public perception and attitudes, reinforcing stereotypes that can be damaging.
There was a similar situation here in Texas. A huge outcry by the motorcycling public initiated his 'termination' from the paper. He was fired.

Think about the downstream effects and either rebut or not. But unless we unite and act to overcome this crap, it will continue.

Kathleen Jennette said...

Some people are born just to be morons--he happens to be one of them. Good to see the rebuttal.