i apologize for the look of my site. the power supply in my home server burned out which leaves a bunch of my graphics without a home. this means that my background image is gone and so are many of my avatars that i use. i would host the image on another site, but it's saved on the server which, as i said, is dead. yeah...it was a fun weekend. i install a new operating system on the server and the power supply promptly dies...ugh. oh well, that's what i get for running 300 watts of equipment on a 250 watt power supply *smiles sheepishly*

in other news...

me, Selene and music do not mix. a friend of mine gave me a new Muse cd to listen yesterday. so i ripped the cd and dumped the music to my mp3 player. the weather was good, so i figured i would listen to it on the way home. you know the deal...take the long way and enjoy trip. so i crank the tunes and start moving out of the underground parking. the music is making me particularly frisky, so as i pull out onto the road, i tweak the throttle a bit...ok...a lot. i roar down the street, totally lost in the music and promptly streak past a cop car...yeah...a cop car. i look in the rear view, see his brakes coming on and think, "i'm so dead."

i suddenly realize that my long way home is going to be cut really short. i hit a right and zipped my way across the causeway, watching my mirrors all the way. all i could think of was, "never again."

i made it home and he never found me. the only thing that saved me (at least i think) is the traffic on the small road where i passed him. otherwise, he simply didn't want to bother with hunting me down. i'm fine with either reason and i will not stick those earbuds in my ears again. i'll be happy listening to the subtle growl of Selene as we make our way along. Oh...and we'll be safer for it as well.


Macrobe said...

i'll be happy listening to the subtle growl of Selene as we make our way along.

*nods* Ummhmmm. Exactly how I feel. And think.
Thought of that very issue on my way home tonight, rejoicing in the growl, the purr and the moans of the engine between my legs and under my seat. I delight in all that without music.

I let music remind me of riding when I'm not.

Biker Betty said...

My husband loves to listen to music. Me, I usually like the sounds of the motorcycle and all that is around me. When we're up in the mountains or going down the country road, I hear the birds and love it.

I've been reading from a few bloggers having been caught or nearly caught by cops, lol.

Macrobe said...

My V-buddy, Dirk, (pictured on Whee on my site) was 'busted' Memorial Day morning by a cop on a BMW. He was feeling genorous that morning and was fined for only 10 mph over the speed limit rather than >20 :)

Dirk was honest with him in telling him he was late for work, there was no traffic around at all, and he opened it up in the tunnel just to hear the new pipes. Cop said because he was honest with him, he'd drop the max speed so he could take the DDC.