i rode.

she is dirty as hell, but by gods, i rode today. it's ugly out, windy as hell, raining at random intervals and i still rode. playing cat and mouse with the weather is getting really tiring and it doesn't look like we are going to get a sunny break until after the weekend. looks like it's going to be a repeat of last year...sunny during work, rainy on days off (3 on 3 off schedule).

i never got wet this morning. the black sky held up for about an hour after i got into work and then promptly drowned the city. i'll most likely get dumped on on my way home, but hell...rain or no rain...it feels good to ride.


Vinod said...

Hope you get some good weather soon. I've hopeing for good weather on the weekend of the 17th, when I'll be doing a 5 day trip to the Smokies and the blue ridge parkway.

Giest said...

ooo, the smokies. that would be a great ride. hope to do that someday.

Biker Betty said...

I sure hope you get good weather. It's always a bummer when there are too many bad days in a row.

Many years ago my husband and I drove thru the Smokies in a car, when stationed at Andrews AFB, MD. I would love to drive through on a motorcycle!!!

Macrobe said...

Dirt and a little mud on your bike = you ride it! A ride in the rain can be a pleasure if you gear up for it and find that spot where you are like a streak on two wet wheels. As long as you are warm, you might find it's a nice change. But then, that's the perspective of one who lives in the dry south :)
Just ride and be safe.

Beaker said...

Any ride is a good ride - even if it is a wet one. Hope you get some decent weather though - it is nice to not have to really concentrate hard on the road looking for them slippery bits!!

We did a ride on the weekend in the rain, and while it was good I find it drains me more than riding dry.

Giest said...

biker betty: thanks for the hope! i could sure use some hope for good weather, i'm about to give up. we have a break right now, but that tropical storm is destined to hit our coast at some time.

macrobe: and she looks good dirty or not...hehe.

beaker: agreed. any ride is a good one. i find rainy rides to be relaxing, but for a long distance it is much more draining. too much to keep an eye on.