eldridge's 1st annual poker run 2006

i'm not going to go into a lot of detail here. it was a great run on a great day. beautiful weather, a bunch of bikes (just shy of 200) and a lot of riding. the stops were short enough for everyone to get refreshed and the rides were short enough to avoid getting saddle sore.


it started in saint john, went to hampton, then it was through the back roads to fredericton, off to the barbeque and then back to saint john. once back in saint john, it was off to a local bar for the final prize draws. i really don't agree with ending an event like this at a bar, but then again, i don't drink and drive...not even a sip. at least you could get food there.

Heading to Hampton

we both won prizes at the end. the first prize we got was a H-D brand motorcycle cleaning kit. it came with a bunch of sample bottles. the second prize was a H-D brand roll up blanket/ground cover. at least that's what we think it is. it rolls up nice and snug, has grommet holes at each corner and a carry handle. i can't even find the damn thing the H-D web site...lol. anyway, the prizes were an added bonus to an already fun day.

The backroads

anyway, that's only a small sampling of the pictures that me and joey took (joey took all the good looking ones...hehe). the real story is told with the slideshow. it took me most of the morning to make sure that everything was in a close to exact chronological order, so please enjoy the...



Biker Betty said...

Looks like a great day for a ride and sounds like a great ride. Congratulations to you both for winning prizes.

Giest said...

thanks, betty. that was our first official big ride. most other rides i had been on were only around 10-15 bikes. it was quite the experience though and i'm glad joey is comfortable enough to take pics from the back.

Anonymous said...

Haven't been on a big group ride like that in while. I bet it was fun!

Anonymous said...

Geee...that's where all the luck goes...it seems that I can't win anything!! LOL

Kathleen Jennette said...

What a great ride on a beautiful day! Long one too it looks like. I really like the slideshow you did--brought me into your roads and day. Winning prizes to top it off too!