so...that time is almost upon us again. the temperatures will drop, white stuff will fall and we will gleefully pick out what accessories we want for xmas. i'm not looking forward to putting Selene away, the freedom and joy she has brought into my life has been remarkable.

anyway, i've paid my price for not storing a motorcycle properly by turning my Kawasaki into a restoration project. I don't intend to let that happen to Selene, so my web searches have brought me to this:

winter storage

that really covers all the bases for me, seeing that i'm a list kinda guy. i'm hoping to get at least another month worth of riding before i have to put her away and that should give me enough time to pick up the things needed. i already have a jack that needs a slight modification so that it can be used for storage. once she is stored, i can look forward to doing some of the maintenance that needs to be done as well. that mean there will be parts of Selene all over the apartment...hehe.

speaking of which...joey wouldn't let me bring Selene into the apartment, even though i had an entire plan on how to do it. something about getting evicted...psssh.

edit: note to self, don't type when half asleep. it don't make no sense...


Biker Betty said...

Hopefully your winter starts late. We're lucky here. We do get snow, but there are clear days inbetween that allow for us to get out. Some here do put their bikes away for the winter, but we don't and we know lots of other who don't either.

There's a process to winter motorcycle driving here. It snows; they salt the roads, it melts, you wait for the clean-up trucks to get the loose gravel off the road and then you drive if it hasn't started to snow again, lol. This process happens over and over all thru the winter.

Anonymous said...

And I was complaining about only having 2 more months to ride! I was also planning to do a lot of upgrades and maintainance to the bike this winter, but instead decided to do it in the next couple of weeks , so I can enjoy the benifits before putting the bike away!

Giest said...

biker betty: i'm actually hoping for a mild winter with a late start. it gets too cold here to do what you guys do. i'm not keen on riding in sub zero weather and i'm sure Selene wouldn't like it either. ;)

vinod: if i'm really really luck, i might get two more months...might. the maintainance i need to do requires plucking the wheels off, so i figured i would leave that for when i can't ride the bike instead of it being the cause of not being able to ride...hehe

Steve Williams said...

I find winter riding much preferred to the heat of summer. Fall and spring are best. I rode all through last winter including some commutes in the snow. not sure I'll take on the snow again this year but as long as the road is clear I'm up for anything down to about 10 degrees.

Road salt is tough on my Vespa but no worse than it would be on the car so I keep riding and spray it off now and then.

I'd like to say I see a lot of riders in the winter but they are far and few between. Most riders I talk with say it's too cold but they also admit they've never ridden with cold weather gear. It's worth a try. Maybe Santa can bring a nice Aerostich Roadcrafter suit this year....

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