the details

to put things in perspective, we left on august 17th around 8am and landed at the Best Western hotel around 9pm. that was a full day of riding including all the little stops for gas and butt breaks. we weren't exactly in a rush to get where we had to go, but we didn't lolly around too much either. each day (on the way there and on the way back) was pretty much like that. get up as early as possible and ride as far as we could.

the butt breaks were absolutely needed and happened anywhere between 50-75km. with a stock seat it was going to take a while to build up a resistance to how much it can actually hurt. in comparison, on the way back our breaks were more around the 100km mark.

the packing was pretty minimal due to the lack of storage room on the Sabre. mind you, that suitcase is deceptively big.

inside was all our clothes wrapped in plastic bags to stay dry. the clothes consisted of one change for each day we were away. that equaled four changes with only one change of jeans. if necessary we would find a laundry place. the front compartment (and the easiest one to access) held the rain suits, toiletries, tire repair can, and other miscellaneous things. the top of the bag had our shorties strapped to it because i wasn't going to wear a full faced helmet in the weather that we were forecasted for once we got there.

joey had one bag strapped to her that held her Canon Rebel Ti and my Canon digital camera. there really wasn't room in the suitcase for them and she wanted easy access to her camera at least.

the bike itself had nothing else done to it for comfort. we had stock foot pegs, stock seat, no tank bag, no saddle bags and no wind shield. the only true comfort thing i installed was a throttle lock and i couldn't be happier that i did. before we make another trip like this, i vow there will be a windshield and a new seat at the very least. i'm going to try for saddle bags too, but that might be pushing it.