there is something to be said for the cooler temperatures in the morning. at least it wakes me up for work.

this morning was a balmy 4 degrees celsius (39.2F) with a windchill of -2 degrees celsius (28.4F). so yeah, i was a little it will soon be time to switch back to the full face helmet. as it stands, i have to wear a mask with my shorty on. it's ok though, i look like a bad ass with my rising sun bandana covering my

things are going great though. Selene is handling the chilly weather fantastically and we were actually able to go for a nice long ride a few days ago. speaking of that ride, i saw a wonderful site while puttering through the streets of a local residential district. i was behind a school bus and having to stop whenever it did. after one of the many stops, i noticed a motorcycle getting ready to come out onto the main street. instantly i noticed that it wasn't very steady and i thought, "new rider." sure enough, the bike pulled shakily onto the street and the feet came unsteadily up to the pegs. i avoided doing the wave, so as not to make her pull a hand off the bars, and just gave her a nod. well, didn't she take her hand off anyway and give me a big old wave along with a huge smile! i gotta tell ya, that made my day. she looked so happy to be out on her bike.

plans are already in the works to get my old kawasaki road worthy and ready for joey next year. on the list: tires, chain, sprockets, paint and general engine work. she hasn't been running for some time and i'm sure it's going to quite a job to get it her working like she used to. still, it will be a great site to see joey doing her first unsteady start. it will be even better to have her riding ahead of me. oh, she will be taking a safety course. no worries there. it's pricey up here though. looking at around 3-4 hundred dollars. oh well, small price for good instruction.


Anonymous said...

yeah, the enthusiasm and excitement of a new rider is very contagious, takes you back to when you got your first bike!

So it looks like you're still riding in near freezing temperatures!I just did a 3 day solo motorcycle camping trip and I fell ill! But it was worth it!

Giest said...

yup, i'll be riding until the ice shows if you just did that trip, i hope it means that your blog is updated :) i need some reading material! hehe.

Biker Betty said...

That's cool about Joey riding in the spring. We've had our first blizzard of the season. I understand there were a few motorcycles out today, but you can bet I wasn't one of them. Too much ice and loose rock at the moment. I understand we have another snow coming Tuesday. May not be able to ride for a week or two.

I posted pics of our blizzard. It's just below the scavanger hunt post. I've been so busy I haven't been able to post much.