-2 c / 28 f

alright, i need to invest in a new pair of gloves. especially if i'm going to keep riding for as long as i can. this mornings commute was more then a little chilly and by the time i got to work i couldn't feel my hands. see, that can cause a problem as i really really need my hands in order to pilot my bike.

i have to say though, it certainly was an invigorating ride. it also kept me on my toes. with the below freezing temperatures, a lot of the water left on the roads was frozen. nothing too drastic, but definitely something you want to avoid when on two wheels.

it was good to see that i wasn't alone though. i saw three other bikes on my morning ride and they all looked as chilly as i did. nice to know there are a few other hardy souls out there.

stay safe, stay warm... ;)


Biker Betty said...

Freezing hands is starting to be a theme in most of our blogs, lol. I do have winter gloves, but have had difficulty with them. You have proabably read about my popping the clutch because I can't feel it through the thickness of the gloves. Last winter that was such a problem. The gloves are a bit big, but I'm going to start to wear them for regular things and see if I can't get them to mold better to my fingers. Warm winter gloves are bulky, so I just need to suck-it-up and try to get used to them.

Good luck in your search.

Anonymous said...

Did you end up getting a good set of gloves yet? If so, do let me know which ones you got and how they are working for you!

Giest said...

yup! got a new pair today, actually. i should have a post up in the next couple of days detailing them.

Steve Williams said...

Gloves were an issue for me all winter last year. I upgraded 3 times and still not warm enough for long rides below 25 degrees F.

I have had my eye on the Tourmaster Winter Elite and Orina118 gloves but my experience backpacking tells me I will be better served with mittens rather than gloves. So I procrastinate.

I have found some nice snowmobile mittens and I would be able to wear som thing gloves underneath. I need to do something soon. For now when I get cold I warm my hands on the headlight or muffler.