oh my

i have found a bike that i would quickly and willingly trade Selene for...shhh...don't tell her...

Moto Guzzi 940 Custom

the Moto Guzzi 940 Custom.

this baby screams beauty and power. i can only imagine carving up the roads with this machine wailing away under me. brings a smile to face just thinking about it.


Kathleen Jennette said...

Gasp!! You trade Selene in!!?? Shhhhhh, don't even whisper that in front of her! It is a nice one though....Spring is not far away.. Hee Hee! Maybe just get her as a 2nd one.

Giest said...

i know...hehe. i haven't had Selene a year yet and i'm already drooling over another mistress...lol. no worries though, the only Moto Guzzi models available in Canada are the Grisso and the Breva. this custom baby would be way out of my price range.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense... Selene is a much better name for an Italian than a Japanese ;-)