September 1st...ugh...

Can you feel it?  The impending doom that is the end of riding season?  Well, at least the end for us that actually experience winter.  I know I'll be doing my usual "push riding season as far as I can", but I'm gonna miss those hot summer days.  I'm working on getting something to help out with the cold while riding, but it will be a while before that pans out.

It's September and I'm wondering where the hell my summer went.  I remember everything that we did, but it feels like it all happened in one day.  I guess that's the joy/pain of having a summer full of things to do.  You enjoy it and remember it, but it goes oh so quickly.

We had our trip to the midst of a hurricane that didn't really happen.  Bill was fore cast to pummel the Maritimes, but barely did anything.  We had beautiful weather the whole trip and only got wet because of the late evening fog as we rolled back into town.  The wind was a battle on the way back and Joey thought we were goners a couple of times...ah the joys of solid rims.  No matter though, it was an awesome trip made better with the accompaniment of friends.  And the Confederation Bridge?  What a blast to ride across!

After that it's been work for the club and getting to the events that I can.  It's odd to look past September and see months with no bike events.  Man...winter is going to be boring.

In other news, I dropped my bike again.  No excuses, just lost my footing in a parking lot.  Thankfully no one was around.  Once again my left saddle bag took the brunt of the damage.  It's all scratched up and will have to be left for the winter to get repaired.  We just can't afford to get it done right now.

Two upcoming things that I'm looking forward to in September though?  Sons of Anarchy starts up next week so there is some quality motorcycle oriented TV watching right there.  The day after that premieres our local Harley Davidson dealer is having a Test Our Metal demo day.  I think that will be an early day...I want to get my butt in the seat of one of those Road Kings.  You I can further cement into my head that I want one.


Allen Madding said...

Here, let me help. You want one! December marks two years I have had mind since trading in my sportster. Love it!

A demo day at the local Harley dealer sealed my fate :)


Giest said...

Oh I know I'm doomed. The wife will never hear the end of it.

MeanStreak said...

The season is going by entirely too fast! I'm lucky in one way that I can usually ride well into November and can sneak an occasional ride in during Dec, Jan, and Feb.

I don't have to avoid the HD shops, it's the Honda shops that can get me in trouble, lol! A good friend rides an '07 Wing and my wife is infatuated with Wings now, lol!

Ride safe!