Here we go again

Well, we're back to the chilly weather again, summer is mostly a memory and I feel like starting up a hibernation cycle.  The last couple of days have been our typical fall weather...windy and rainy.  Neither of which makes for a very enjoyable ride.

Seeing blue skies and sun this morning made for a mixed bag of feelings due to the frost warning we've had in effect for the last two nights.  But it made for a nice ride to work regardless.  The old thermometer read 2C (35F) so I found myself going back to an old routine...layers.  All in all it wasn't too bad, the sun kept me warm for the most part and it was an invigorating ride because of the chill.

I both enjoy and hate this time of the season.  It's beautiful and at no other time do you see colours of this sort in nature.  The cool crisp mornings have a "new" feel to them and each day seems like a new adventure.  The hate part?  Essentially, summer is dying and soon we'll be covered in a monochrome blanket that makes even thinking about going outside a chore.

Hopefully the winter will be a short and mild one and at most I'll be off the bike for a mere three months.  There, that's a pleasant thought to hold onto.