Okay, I admit that I beat myself up about dropping my bike...a lot.  Calling it an amateur mistake and thinking myself stupid for doing it.  Let's just say that my ego got the better of me.  I'm fine about it now, but I was a limping (twisted foot) bear for a couple of days after the incident.

Yesterday I read the post on Road Grits Cafe about the "Cherry Drop".  Genius naming, by the way.  And it made me realize how stupid those thoughts I had are.  Everyone has their moment and that day was one of mine.  The one line in his post that jumps out is, "LACK OF FOCUS AND ENVIRONMENT DISTRACTION".  That day was a result of lack of focus on my part.  I was distracted by thoughts other then my motorcycle and I had tried riding with tunes again.  Both of those things led to me not watching what I was doing and dropping Selene.

Really, there is no other excuse then that.  Any time that something like this has happened, it's been the result of me not focusing on what I'm doing.  Whether parking or riding, your focus needs to be on piloting that bike.  Once you are off, feel free to do as many things at once as you wish.

Focus brothers and sisters, your life is in your own hands while riding.  Make sure your mind is all about that.