Finally moving back to Windows Live Writer.  Looks like they finally made it useful and none glitchy.  There is so much on the Windows side of things that make me want to use their programs more, but I’m a Google fan.  My life is on Gmail and all it’s many parts.  I wish they would come out with an OS and just get it over with…


Lucky said...

OK, I'll come out of the closet: I'm a Google Geek too. I've been on GMail for ages now, and I just can't imagine working without Google Docs.

One issue though: Chrome. Sure, it's light and quick, but I really wish it would support the Google Toolbar, or at least stay in sync with Google Bookmarks.


Giest said...

I really do love Chrome, but until they bring it to the level of Firefox I'll be staying with Firefox. I need my book marks to follow me. :)

PS. Are you going to the Moncton bike show? I'll be up there on Saturday the 14th. You know, if you wanna meet up with a chrome lovin cruiser hound. ;)