Can't keep a good rally down

Looks like the City of Myrtle Beach can bitch and complain, but that ain't gonna stop the bikers.

With a quick name change and a minor location change, the rally still goes.  Now it's called "Cruisin' the Coast Spring Bike Week" and it's everywhere except the City of Myrtle Beach.  Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson is taking one of H-Ds new mottos and running with it, Screw it, let's ride, they are saying and keep mentioning how small the city is compared to the rest of Horry County.

I know not everyone loves rallies, but it's long been part of the biker culture and it's nice to see them putting up a fight for this


Biker Betty said...

I've only been to a few smaller rallies and they were fun.

Lucky said...

Tried the rally thing a few times, didn't really enjoy it. Guess I'm more of a loner, as I don't really enjoy group rides either. Prefer following the beat of my own drum, I guess...

For those of us who do enjoy rallies however, more power to ya!


Giest said...

I've never been to a rally myself. I, like you, am more of a lone rider. At peace with the road and all that jazz. I just hate to see things like this get shut down when so many people enjoy them.