They can't be serious...

Has anyone seen the new BMW commercial? I say new because it's the first time I've seen it. I gave up on satellite and cable a long time ago.

I can't find a copy of it online, but if I do I'll post a link here. The commercial starts with showing people doing their best to save money on gas. A couple of guys on bicycle, a guy on a bus, and a guy gearing up for his scooter. Suddenly, their dark and dreary looking days are interrupted by a gleaming white car. As the car passes by each person, you can see them looking longingly at it. The car is soon shown to be a BMW and it's obvious that they are boasting it's ability to look good and go distances on a tank of gas.

I'm thinking, cool, BMW is getting in on the green thing and finally have some fuel efficient cars. But can they really rival a scooter?

The commercial hits the end and I almost spit out my drink as I see the listing for the MPG. You ready for this?


Yup, 28 MPG. And that's on the highway! They didn't even list the city rating. I lost it. They seriously think this can be considered a fuel efficient car?! They seriously think that some guy on his scooter looks longingly at this gas gobbler?! I couldn't make out the scooter, but I can guarantee that it's gas mileage is much better then that. Hell, my cruiser gets almost double that! I laughed all the way to the computer and immediately had to blog about it.

Oh, and the web site. HA! Check it out...



Lucky said...

Haven't seen that commercial, but I agree... Trying to promote a 28mpg car as fuel efficient is a joke.

I prefer this commercial/promo video for the now defunct R1200C:


Giest said...

Wow, that one hits all the right chords. Had to save that one. ;)