I love my video games...

but this guy takes the cake. The only saving point is that no one got killed. With any luck he will be one of those that never sets his ass on a bike again.

As for motive, Savino told troopers this was his own video game adventure.


Lucky said...

WTF? Yet another idiot squid who not only puts his own life at risk, but also the lives of others... Of course, the newscast labelled him simply as a "biker" - so that lumps him in with the rest of us.

I'm curious though, is "bullet bike" Utah-speak for sportsbike?


Giest said...

Yeah, pretty much. People only remember the bad. Bikers do so many things for good and it takes one little thing to eclipse it all.

I kind of like "bullet bike". Has a better ring to it then "crotch rocket".