Fogging fog

I left work early yesterday in order to make my club's Monday night meeting. I wanted to be there to hand out the items that some members ordered. When I came in to work earlier in the day, it was gorgeous and threatening to be a scorcher of a day. By the time 7pm rolled around a wall of fog had moved in.

The fog got so bad that we had to cut the meeting short. It was nuts! I went for a spin afterward, but it was so foggy that I was soaked in a matter of minutes. I will continue to say that we don't have fog, we have suspended rain.

By morning the fog was still there, thick as ever, but at least the roads were dry. I had full intentions of riding in. The moment I gear up and step outside...rain. Truly typical.

The weather isn't looking too bad for the rest of the week. I'm hoping for at least a couple of good days so I can get some riding in. The end of the season is fast approaching and I haven't been riding half as much as I should have.


Dean "D-Day" said...

Way too much rain here in Wisconsin the last couple of years. Usually I look forward to July and August as it's pretty dry with little to no rain.

Lucky said...

What is it about port cities and fog, anyways? Hope things have cleared up for you. Today's beautiful and sunny here in The Bend.


Giest said...

dean: Yeah, I hear ya. The weather hasn't been the best up here either. Way too much rain and fog this season.

lucky: I don't know...I think I moved to the wrong Things are really nice here today. A little chilly, but very nice.

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Sees like weather the world over is a tad nutty--or perhaps it just feels like it is? A little fog I like. A lot of fog and I start getting a bit spooked on two wheels.