What the?

I just looked at the calendar... Did anyone else realize that we are already into July? Ugh, summer is too short and there just isn't enough nice days that correspond with my days off.

Speaking of rides...

Have you ever been out riding and realized that you probably shouldn't be? I went out for a spin yesterday to snap some pictures and found that Selene and I were meshing really well. A little too well. I found I was taking chances that I usual don't and had way too much attitude. I was easily doing double the speed limit in some areas and weaving around traffic in other areas. While I'll admit that it was quite fun and my invincibility seemed to be holding out quite well, there would come a time when reality would smush my little shield and then I would have more repairs to pay for...among other things.

So I cruised home, parked Selene and relaxed for the rest of the day. If I get too many of those day, I'll have to get a track bike.


Biker Betty said...

Oh yea, anyone who says no isn't being honest. Luckily, it's not too often I feel invincible.

It feels like summer is almost over, as we have tons of stuff planned for the next month that don't include riding, sigh. But we have lots of camping planned up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and it's gorgeous!!!

Giest said...

Yeah, I have to get off my ass and actually plan something before the summer slips away. Camping seems like a great idea, but I'm more of a hotel/motel kind of person...hehe. I wish I was closer to the Rockies myself. I can only imagine how amazing it is...

Vinod said...

Yep...half the year is over...it seems like the older one gets, the sooner time flies!
Yeah, I've had those moments..when you're one with the bike...pegs are scraping and limits are being pushed.

Ride safe!

Biker Betty said...

I've driven thru parts of Canada that are just as beautiful as Colorado. As a kid I even got to camp somewhere in British Columbia.

My hubby, Bill, was born in Quebec, Canada, but we haven't been able to visit that family in about 21 years. They're in Quebec and since we left Maryland we haven't been close enough to visit them and his parents live in North Carolina, USA. I just found out Bill's brother was born in New Brunswick. Wow, small world.

Better hurry up and get your summer plans set, lol. Any long rides like last summer?

Have Fun, Betty :)