What is it

There are days that I have to wonder what the draw is to me. Days that I wake up, look out the window and a sudden debate starts up inside me. One side of me says "ride!", the other says "that car would be really warm."

That was this morning in a nutshell.

I booted up my computer and started up my internet browser. One of my home pages happens to be the local weather. -3C (26F) and a quick look out the window shows a layer of frost on everything. Add to that the fact that we are supposed to get another snow storm overnight (I work until 9pm) and you've got a perfect recipe for an internal debate.

I could see that it was getting sunny and it's supposed to hit 8C (46F) today. Not that I would be able to enjoy the warmth with me having to work 12 hours, but at least I knew there was some hope for the day.

So I putter around the house, slowly getting ready for work, while my mind goes into a steady debate over the pros and cons: it might be icy, but it's fun, it's going to be cold, but it's fun... On and on it goes.

I don't want to give you the impression that I'm crazy...well, at least not certifiably crazy. The whole time I'm thinking this, I already know what side will win, I already know what form of transportation I will be taking. There is only one resounding thought that blankets it all: if I have a chance to ride, I'll ride.

Summer is too short, life is too short. Do what you enjoy, do what you love to do. Experience everything you can. When I left this morning, I could feel myself getting colder, but it didn't matter. It was something I could easily deal with and it would soon pass. The fact that I could ride was all that mattered. It didn't matter that I was going to work because this would make my work day all the more bearable, knowing that Selene is in the parking garage waiting for the ride home.

So I guess that's it. That's the draw. That's why I will ride every time I get a chance. That's why I'm glued to weather reports. That's why I'll get miffed every time it snows. That's why the internal debate will only go in one direction...

Let's ride.


Motorcycle Paradise said...

Hey your a gamer person than I. Its winter here now downunder, getting down to a cool 10 degrees tonight which is as cold as it gets here and my mates are like 'ah dunno if I will make the ride with this cold snap...' which is mostly cause none of us own any proper winter riding gear as winter days it climbs back up to 20 degrees by mid morning. Ice and snow and I'd probably worry about being out in a car :-)

Giest said...

ironchef: geeeze...I think I need to move to Australia. There wouldn't be too many days that I wouldn't be on the road down there. ;)