Guys and bikes

I have some observations about how guys react around motorcycles. You can file these under stereotypes if you want, they are just silly little things that make me smile. They are also the things I encounter most when I start talking to a guy about my bike.

1. "Nice bike!" Usually follows after, "Is that your bike?" Well, I'm standing by it and I'm dressed in leather, you do the math.

2. "What year is it?" As if that matters. I get this so much that I'm thinking of having it painted on the tank.

3. "How fast is it?" Um, it can do the speed limit.

4. "I used to have a bike, but the wife made me get rid of it." Um, what now? You'll have to pardon me, but no one could ever make me give up my bike. Oh, and my wife? She told me to buy a new one. ;) You may need to rethink your situation.

5. "I'm thinking about getting a bike." I hear this one a lot. Around here you'll sometimes hear, "or maybe an ATV..." added after. Always good for an internal chuckle. Months go by and they are still thinking about buying one or the other.

Oddly enough, I have never gotten the horrible crash story where someone's friend's relative lost "X" number of limbs and swears they will never again look a bike, let alone ride one.

Honestly, I prefer it when no one bothers me. I'm riding, I'm relaxing, I'm trying to get away from everyone else. For the most part, I am left alone and that's just fine by me. You think it could be the outfit?



Vinod said...

The Grim Biker !