Thanks to Biker Betty for letting me in on this one.  I have to say, this is one of the more cute personality tests I've seen.  I'll have to make sure my wife looks it over to make sure this particular Dæmon fits me.

Not much has been going on otherwise.  The weather here has been pretty crappy and Selene has be sulking under the veranda.  She is a little mad at me for being a bit too careless when covering her up the other night.  A part of the cover melted onto her pipes and now I have a rather large clean up job ahead of me.  Oops.


Biker Betty said...

This is very cool. I do like the personality test. All the animals I've seen are really nice.

Sorry to hear about the bad weather. We had a patch of nice weather, but storms are coming in again. This afternoon wasn't a good time to be on a bike with thunderstorms in the area.