the weekend.

Myself and Selene
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most of this week has been crap. just ugly weather and no, i still don't have a cover for her. not being able to ride doesn't really make a difference though. she is due for her regular maintenance check up and i can't ride her until tomorrow. she was supposed to go in at the 1000 Km mark, but a trip to Sussex to visit my parents added a few more kilometers then i expected. i'm currently at 1500 Km or so. ooops. so now she is parked until tomorrow morning...which happens to be forecasted for scattered showers.

the weekend was great. my dad seems to be doing really well. he has a nurse that checks on him every day and he is up and moving about. they replaced his bags (or dogs as mom calls them) with smaller ones that are out of the way. his biggest problem is with his back. he has had back problems for quite some time now, being a trucker and all. so now it's hitting him in spades.

speaking of the weekend. it was great on bike. sunday was an impecable day. very warm and very calm. once i cleaned her up a bit, it was riding time. we drove all around sussex and the back roads throwing out many waves and greetings to all the other riders out enjoying the sun. i think i waved to the same guy at least four times. we passed by the local Tim Horton's and the congregation gathered there blew me away. there were so many bikes there, i lost count. i bellowed back to my wife and asked if we had any cash. the reply was no. oh well, another ride then. off to the local bank we went to get some cash.

i pulled up and she hopped off to get the money. in the meantime, at least five bikes went by and there were three parked in the bank parking lot. two H-Ds and a Yamaha...i believe.

once we got the money, it was off to Tim's. i got my usual, an ice cap and she got an orange juice and a doughnut. we just sat in the sun and admired all the bikes. checking out what everyone else had done to theirs and discussing what we would like to have done to Selene (my bike).

when we finished up looking, it was a short ride to a friend's house to show off Selene and back to my parents place. we didn't stay long as it was already getting dark and i didn't want it too cool off too much. it's an hour long drive back down to Rothesay and that can get quite cold when it's dark.

on the way through Hampton, she suggested stopping in at Holly's Restaurant to get a bite to eat. i was hesitant because it was getting late, but my grumbling stomach made the decision for me.

we finished up and hit the road again. surprisingly, even though it was dark, it stayed quite warm. it made for a nice casual drive home that only left me slightly chilled.

like i said, it was a beautiful weekend for a drive and i can't wait until the weather gets warmer so that me and Selene can have a few longer adventures.