Ride 01.

yesterday i hit the road. i needed to see what the bike would be like to drive for an extended distance with very little time off the saddle. in total, i covered 338.8 kilometers (210.5 miles).

i learned:

that my seat sucks
that i need something to support my back
that i'm not lost, i'm just looking for a familiar place
that no matter how clean you want your bike to be, it's still going to be covered in bugs when you are done
that i will match my bike in bug colours at the end of the ride
that back roads are more fun and friendly then the highways
that the feeling of freedom is unmatched
that my bike gets damn good mileage 19 km/L (50mpg)

it was a pretty simple ride. left from Rothesay at around 11 am, hit the backroads through Hampton. followed backroads again to Sussex. from Sussex to Moncton (actually the Irving Big Stop), half back roads, half highway. i stopped at the Toys for Big Boys store (i hate that bloody name) and then it was back roads all the way down to Sussex to visit my dad. after some jabbering and mom feeding us (she came home on her lunch half hour) i was back on the road and in Rothesay (via backroads) sometime after 8 pm.

i don't think i've smiled that much in years. cruising those roads by myself is a feeling that i have been craving and missing for some time now. i can't wait to do it again and i really can't wait for my big trip in august.


Biker Betty said...

Hi Giest,
I enjoyed how you described your ride. I, and most others, can totally understand how you feel with the motorcycle seat. After 200 miles, I'm pretty saddle sore too. I'm hoping by the end of summer to have toughened up (lol).

Love your webpage, looks great.
Safe travels, Betty :)

Giest said...

Hey Betty. Thanks for scooting by and thanks for the compliments!

Biker Betty said...

You're more than welcome and I look forward to future adventures and observations on your bike.

ps: I hope your dad is doing better.

Safe Travels,

Betty :)