I Have Become Hermit…

Avoider of the white death.

People are beginning to think I’m dead or have just simply vanished, but I have not. I’m just really really tired of all this snow and I would very much like for it to all go away.

I hit up the annual bike show the weekend past and even that was a bore. Same stuff as last year. After one tour of the place I was ready to go home. Not only that, but I’m finding that there’s nothing out there (bike wise) that really interests me. I’d still like to have a Sportster 48, but as “cheap” as it is I can’t justify the cost.

I guess I’m “stuck” with my baby. Which is no complaint at all, considering that I think it’s the last great cruiser made by Honda anyway. What’s up with all the Fury model crap they are putting out? Turns my stomach.

Well, at least we are more then half way out of the dark. Soon enough I’ll be putting that battery back in and cruising down the road. For everyone else feeling the same as I do, hang in there…it’s almost over.



Canajun said...

I'm with you there. Enough already!