Stress Relief

It’s been a depressing and maddening week due to weather and other problems, but one ride makes it all go away.  It doesn’t even matter that it’s a ride to work in –2C (28F) with 50kph (31mph) winds.  The coldest windiest day on bike is far better then the warmest day in car.

There’s no snow sticking so I’m not giving up my riding season just yet and that fairing is just the thing to keep the cold from seeping through my leathers.  It doesn’t keep all the wind off my hands, but I can make it to work with plenty of feeling left in my fingers.


WyzWmn© said...

I'm green with envy!

Canajun said...

Arrived back from a trip last week to find icy and snowy roads. And the forecast isn't calling for much improvement, so I think I'm done! Time to change the fluids and put the toys away for the next few months.

Ride as long as you can, and while it's still safe!