Okay, I thought changing my rear brake pads would get rid of that damn squeak. Apparently, I was wrong. Every time I come to a stop the rear brakes start squeaking. It's irritating the holy crap out me! I inspected the disk when I changed up the pads and everything looked fine. It was so nice to do low speed turns without a single squeak coming from the rear end, but it all ended two nights ago.

I'm at a loss. Anyone out there have any suggestions before people start staring at me for swearing my head off as I come to a stop?


Allen Madding said...

I usually recommend anti-squeal lube between the pistons and the brake pads for any disc brake setup (car, truck, motorcycle) as the squeal most times is caused by vibration between the pad and piston.

Here is a good article with several suggestions. It was written about a Suzuki Intruder but when you get down to the basic principals, disc brakes are disc brakes. Scroll down to the section "Sqeualing Brakes". He provides several suggestions.

Hope this helps!


Giest said...

That's a hell of a site! Definitely going in my bookmarks. Thanks!