Bits and pieces

Topped up the oil today, she was running a bit low.  Also made the jump and changed up the rear brake pads.  First time for myself and the manual I "borrowed" from the internet was missing the exact pages I needed to guide me through it.  Oh well...nothing ventured, nothing learned.

The inside pad came out just fine, but the outside one got stuck in place by the caliper.  I ended up having to take the entire brake assembly off to get the second pad out.  Once that was done I had to fight with the hydralic caliper to get it to sink back into it's well.  For a bit, I thought I was going to have to bleed the brake line to get the caliper to release.

I replaced what was left of the stock pads (GG grade) with EBC brand Double-H.  They are supposed to give better brake response.  We'll see.  The underground garage doesn't give much room for testing.  Today's maintenance done at 36408 KM.

Checked out the front pads and they were just fine.  Only needed to be cleaned up.  Seems I have been favouring the rear brakes.  Tsk tsk...

There's also been a big change in Selene's appearance.  I'm currently working on the write up for that.

The weather here has been fantastic for April so I've been blowing off work to pound out as many kilometers as I can.  It's gonna be a damn good summer.