Woo Hoo!

Happy 1st day of spring to all my fellow two wheeled riders out there!  Isn’t it nice to shed off that winter mind set!

Courtesy of FreeFoto.com

In celebration, I went out and bought some things to help me keep Selene clean.  And last night (this morning actually, around 2am) I went over to the garage and changed up the final drive oil.  That’s the second of three fluids that needed changing.  The last, and most daunting, is the coolant.  That might be a two man job as I have to remove the gas tank in order to get at the radiator cap.  Things like this make it annoying to own a liquid cooled bike.  And really…do we need liquid cooled bikes in Canada?  LOL.


Allen Madding said...

I say ban all liquid cooled motorcycles. Air-cooled baby!