15 Days

Until the first day of spring.  I know that we won’t be able to actually get the bikes out for a ride, but at least it’s a milestone showing us that it really isn’t that much further until everything starts melting.

On another note, daylight savings time begins on March 8th.  I consider that to be another milestone.  Even if we do lose that comfortable hour that we gained last year.

Bloody snow...

Hang in the, fellow buried riders.  We’ll be out of this soon!


Lucky said...

We cling to the little things, don't we? I take solace in the fact that every day seems to bring with it a few extra minutes of daylight. It's all downhill from here, brother.

Hang in there, we'll make it.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Are we there yet? huh?

Giest said...

Oh, yeah. I'll take anything right now. I'm even looking forward to doing the pre-spring maintenance on Selene.