I can't say I'm over this.  It still bugs me and I keep seeing everything replay in my head.  Keep wondering what I could have done differently.  The only thing that comes to mind is that I shouldn't have been turning on an incline.  I know it can be difficult and at low speeds it's even harder.

But it's done and now we have to fork over more cash to get Selene fixed up.  Money that should be going to a new seat or Joey's training course so she can get her license.

We were out for a nice ride at night and I steered us into an area that I wasn't familiar with.  We were kinda lost/exploring when I decided that we should just turn around and go back the way we came.  I tried to pull a U-turn and the weight shifted too much.  I tried everything to stop the bike from going down, but there was nothing I could do.

Joey managed to step off the bike, due to the saddle bag keeping the bike up.  I stepped off as well, but mainly due to the fact that I was trying to keep Selene up.  She made contact on four points; the front fender, the shift lever, the clutch lever and the left saddle bag.  It's not a great amount of damage and she is still very much road worthy, but my heart sinks everytime I look at her.

Without further ado, here are the pictures:







As you can see, things aren't too bad.  The saddle bag is the worst of it.  The impact and drag actually gouged out a layer of fiber glass.  I'm not sure if it will be easier to order a new one or get this one repaired.  We've decided not to replace the front fender simply due to the fact that the cost is outrageous.  It would cost $627.05 CAD to get a new one.  Over six hundred bucks for a plastic fender!  I have no words to describe how insane that price is.

It's going to take some pull to get that shifter back in place and I can polish off Joey's boot marks.  I'm quite used to that anyway.  I'm guessing some fine grit sandpaper will help me remove the scuffs on the the clutch lever and the kick stand.

So there you go.  That was our wonderful night.  As I said before, aside from some very sore muscles, we are fine.  Honestly, my ego was hurt more then anything else...and it's going to take a while for that to heal.


Vinod said...

Jason, don't be too hard on yourself.I know how you feel--have done it before. You do something that seems totally avoidable in retrospect and now your pristine bike is scarred. But its really not that bad. You could touch up the fender and bags unless its cracked. You should also check the forums ( hondashadow.net for example) for parts that others don't need. Finally, instead of avoiding those tight u-tuns 2-up, I say you hit the parking lot and work that friction zone to pull some tight u-turns :-) that should make you feel better!

Giest said...

vinod: Thanks. Wise words, my friend, wise words indeed. I'm doing better now and realize I definitely need more practice in my low speed turns.

Biker Betty said...

Wow, so glad you and Joey are alright. We all understand the terrible gut feeling after something like this. Glad to hear your doing better.

Ever since I watched "Riding Like a Pro" I have been challenged to practice my low speed turns and low speeds period. He gave great tips, but I been meaning to get out in a parking lot to practice the turns better.

Giest said...

Thanks Betty.

I have really got to get that video. I've found that I have become really nervous when making turns with Joey on the back now...ugh.